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Capturing the Fragrance of flowers 
The fresh scents of gardens meadows fields and forests are caused by minute droplets of oily liquid produced by plants. These essential oils together with synthetically produced scents form the basis of the perfume industry. Why plants produce essential oils is uncertain. Some attract insects for pollination other ward off parasites or marauding animals. Off the many plants in the world only a few hundred are used to produce essential oils which perfumeries create their perfume. In many places oils are produced at the rate of only a few tons a year. The oils are bought by brokers who sell them to exporters and last of all to the perfumeries who compose their own fragrances which is a difficult to get right and is a delicate art. 
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A guide on how to apply perfume or fragrance  
Q: How to apply perfume? 
A: You need to place the perfume on your pulse points, wrists and on your neck, behind your ears and where your body is most warm. 
Q: What Fragrance to buy? 
A: Buy the “eau de perfume” variety of perfume, they have a higher percent of aromatic compounds in. They often come in smaller containers because they’re so intense and you only need to dab on a little bit. The perfume variety may be a bit more expensive but will last for longer depending on use. 
Q: How to apply a fragrance for men 
A: When applying perfume be careful not to over-spray. Firstly test out several fragrances to find the fragrance for you. When you go out somewhere in a large area you can spray more, but less in an enclosed space where there are many more people. The areas you should spray are on the forearm and chest area. If there is body hair there it will preserve the fragrance longer. You can also spray a little fragrance on your shirt sleeve for a minute or so and this will keep the fragrance lasting longer. The only thing we would probably advice against is spraying directly on your clothes since this will not allow the fragrance to develop as it would when sprayed on the skin. Valroma 



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